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About Postcubist


I have been an artist my entire life. For most of my early adulthood, I struggled to acknowledge this part of myself. I chose to study chemistry and biochemistry. I worked in the wine industry and the medical field before serendipity gave me the opportunity to go back to school to become a pastry chef.


Just over 10 years ago, while developing a portfolio for cooking school, I was introduced to studio and location photography. My camera has been faithfully by my side every day since.


The years after graduating from cooking school gradually led me back into a corporate job setting, working in the IT Department of a government contractor. Unfulfilled, I filled four years of evenings with art classes. I studied drawing, painting, design, and studio photography. 


In 2011, I decided to permanently leave the corporate career path. I began a deliberate and passion-driven life dedicated to artistic ventures and adventures.


Postcubist was born.

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